Virtual Conference: The Politics of Security in India

Date, time: 16 October 2020, 17.00
Online via Zoom

LawTransform is pleased to invite you to Arkaja Singh’s talk on water security in India as part of the University of Central Florida India Center Virtual Conference “The Politics of Security in India”. This conference explores pertinent issues in the areas of international, domestic, and human security and provides a forum for leading researchers to discuss politics and security in India. Each session addresses a variety of topics that together provide multiple perspectives on progress and challenges in the politics of security in India. 

Arkaja’s talk is an output of LawTransform project Elevating water rights to human rights.

Arkaja Singh, Centre for Policy Research in India
Title: Securing Access to Drinking water in Indian Cities: The Local Interface of Law, Government and People

Arkaja Singh is a Fellow at the Centre for Policy Research (CPR) and a part of the recently formed State Capacity Initiative at CPR, where she is responsible for developing a new program of research on state capacity in Indian cities. Her areas of interest include municipal government, informal settlements, land, water and sanitation (and especially the issues around sanitation labor and manual scavenging.) Arkaja recently completed a study of state response to India’s ‘crisis of hunger’ brought about by the CoVID-19 pandemic, considering issues of ‘state capacity’ in the organization and delivery of the response. Other recent work includes a study of federal relations in the context of water governance in India. She has previously over a decade of experience in development sector consulting and research.

The session will be held online via Zoom. For more information about the conference and zoom link, click here.