Voice (for) Freedom: A night of freedom and artistic expression at Kvarteret

On the memorable date of 25 April, we cordially invite you to “Voice (for) Freedom: Liberation Struggles”, an open mic session dedicated to the cause of freedom. At 19:00, the Speilsalen room at Kvarteret will be transformed into a vibrant space of storytelling and artistic expression, narrating the movement towards freedom.

This event is timed to coincide with Liberation/Freedom Day, a monumental historical event that marked the triumph over the fascist dictatorships in both Italy and Portugal. In Italy, Liberation Day signifies the end of Nazi and Fascist oppression in 1945. Portugal’s Freedom Day celebrates the Carnation Revolution that overthrew the Estado Novo dictatorship. This pivotal moment in 1974 ended nearly 50 years of authoritarian rule under António Salazar, paving the way for democracy and decolonisation.

This event is a tribute to the courage demonstrated by those decisive historical movements, as well as a platform for contemporary voices to reflect on ongoing liberation struggles around the world. All of you are encouraged to participate through creative expression, whether through inspirational music, compelling monologues, evocative poems or other artistic mediums. We welcome you all to Voice (for) Freedom. If you are an artist interested in presenting your practice, or a spectator interested in a meaningful evening of connection and inspiration, this is an opportunity to be part of a collective remembrance and contemporary reflection on freedom.

Join us for this exciting event! Announce it to your friends, save the date and bring your commitment to freedom and art to Speilsalen, Kvarteret on 25th April at 19:00.