In Memoriam: Sally Engle Merry

At LawTransform we are profoundly saddened to learn that Sally Engle Merry has passed away. Besides being a leading legal anthropologist and beloved professor at New York University, where she was the Silver Professor of Anthropology, she was also a mentor to many.

At LawTransform we had the privilege of getting to know her when she came to participate in the Bergen Exchanges on Law & Social Transformation and gave the 2018 Annual Lecture on Law & Social Transformation: “From human rights to local justice & the quiet power of indicator.“ She generously shared her insights and knowledge, engaging with the PhD students and making us all think again.

We are thankful for the memories and the intellectual legacy she leaves behind that will continue to enlighten and inspire, and we would like to honor her memory by sharing a video of her conversation with Anna Gopsill and her annual lecture during the Bergen Exchanges 2018.

Our deepest condolences to her husband Paul, family and friends.

Annual Lecture on Law & Social Transformation with Sally Engle Merry: From human rights to local justice & the quiet power of indicators.