LawTransform received honorary award from Bergen Sameforening

We at the Centre on Law & Social Transformation are very pleased for having received the Bergen Sameforening’s honorary award 2019 for our contribution to increased visibility and focus on Sami issues and for a great collaboration in organizing the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Sami association in Bergen.

Henrik Olsen, the Council member of the Sami Parliament, awarded the prize together with Anette Kristine Søreide and Marita Monsen, chair and member of the association’s board, and Siri Gloppen and Lara Côrtes received the award on behalf of the centre. Ottar Mæstad, Director at CMI, Jan Erik Askildsen, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, and Marte Mjøs Persen, the mayor of Bergen, were present at the event.