Malcolm Langford on Norway’s place in the Security Council

On 6 March, LawTransform co-director Malcolm Langford appeared in a television debate on NRK with the Norwegian Foreign Minister. They discussed whether Norway deserves a place in the UN Security Council.

Malcolm’s participation was based on an opinion editorial he wrote as part of Nordic Branding project: Norge vingler stadig mer i utenrikspolitikken, så hvorfor skal nettopp vi få plass i FNs sikkerhetsråd?

In his op-ed, Langford discusses Norway’s position on the Security Council. Norway’s main competitors for a permanent role on the council are Canada and Ireland, but why does Norway deserve the role more than they do? Some researchers state that Norway deserves the role because they have a lot to offer. However, although Norway has a solid, central research environment, they do not necessarily have much better or more direct research on security policy.