Protests in Peru

Massive protest erupted in Peru after an illegitimate government took power on 9 November. In country with more that 34 000 deaths from Covid-19, and an ongoing diphtheria outbreak, and more than 70 % without formal work, people went out in the streets. There were demonstrations across the country and in Lima confrontations with the police got very violent. 2 young university students were killed by the police during the protest there, and many of them were kidnaped by a so called “special unit” of the police, the Terna group. Some of them were kidnapped just for some hours, but were so scared that they did not want to go home, they were afraid of putting their families at risk.

Students have been protesting since 9 November for the democracy. Many of them have now serious injuries, including damage in the spinal cord, loss of eye, brain injuries, broken bones. The police brutality has stolen their future, and dreams.

Lima, November 12 2020

Lima, November 14 2020

You can donate:

San Marcos Students: The funds are going to be used on medical supplies the injured from National University of San Marcos need.

name of the bank  Scotiabank Perú SAA
Address: Av. Dionisio Derteano 102, San Isidro, Lima -Perú
Phone: 611-6000


The Coordinadora Nacional de Derechos humans: The funds will be used for legal assistance and medical expenses.

name of the bank: Banco de Crédito del Perú
Address: Centenario 156. la Molina. Lima Perú