Taking custody in the best interest of the child?

When should the state intervene in a family? At what stage is the risk to a child so great that the child should be removed from the parents’ care? What services could the state provide to help families that are struggling? Through international law and domestic legislation, many states are obliged to act in the best interest of child in decisions. Despite of this, neither child welfare laws nor child welfare research provide clear answers to these difficult and controversial questions.

In search for a clearer picture, Marit Skivenes (Professor, Department of Administration and Organization Theory, UiB), started a project that aims to identify some decisive factors and mechanisms that promote or hinder high quality decision-making in the best interest of children. Join her and Karl H. Søvig (Professor at the Law Faculty, UiB and a member of the project’s advisory board) in an open discussion about their findings.

Data and time: April 6th, 12:15-13:45