Thank you all for an exciting LawTransform Masters Week 2018!

We at the Centre on Law & Social Transformation are extremely proud of our first LawTransform Masters Week! In February, we had an entire week of seminars with the enthusiastic participation of our guests Hanne Sophie Greve,  Camila Gianella, Elling N. Tjønneland, Lise Rakner, Elisabeth Ivarsflaten, Siri Gloppen, Marit Skivenes, Lara Côrtes and Kjersti Gravelsæter Berg in discussions of our former master’s students work on important topics:

  • Sexual assault of men within detention facilities in Bosnia, by Anna Gopsill
  • Democratization in Swaziland and in the Gambia, by Bheki Dlamini and Sait Matty Jaw
  • Discrimination against Roma in Norway, by Runa Falck Langaas
  • NGO’s influence in UN decision-making, by Hilde Sætre
  • Refugee protection from a Norwegian and international prespective, by Marthe Sleire Engedahl and Yngvild Gotaas Tovik

We are also glad that our seminars engaged a diverse audience including students, senior researchers, activists and politicians, and even saw the participation of the mayor of Bergen, Marte Mjøs Persen.

We are looking forward to LawTransform Masters Week 2019!