Two new projects at LawTransform

LawTransform received funding from the Norwegian Research Council for two new projects!

PluriLand (2020 – 2024) aims to develop a theory of land rights claiming in plural legal regimes through investigation of cases from across the global South: Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia, India and South Africa. At a time when protective land rights guaranteeing access and tenure for vulnerable and marginalized groups are under increasing political pressure, the need for better theoretical tools and more systematic empirical knowledge is acute.

LegitimacyChallenges (2020 – 2024) will analyse the growing mistrust in core institutions – such as the child protection services – and how it affects the normative foundation of the welfare state. LEGITIMACY will provide insights into the rationale of grassroot critique against established systems, that will have impact beyond the field of child protection and into the discussion about the common good, legitimacy, public responsibility and solidarity in democratic societies.