Video: Constitutional reform process in Gambia

Satang Nabaneh is a doctoral candidate at the Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria and LawTransform PhD scholar as part of the research project on “Political Determinants of sexual and reproductive health in Africa.”

Gambia is facing the challenge of developing its new constitution. In this video Satang Nabaneh discusses questions such as how to balance between majority voices and minority views, where do Gambians start as a society individually and collectively on the issues of the equality between woman and men, reproductive autonomy, sexual minorities.

Satang Nabaneh argues that there is a need for Constitution which is also a social, cultural and economic toll that serves to empower individuals to live in peace and harmony with anybody else. She argues that the goal of a constitutional reform process should be the transformation of the Gambian society by including anti discriminating laws, especially against woman. Satang Nabaneh discusses whether Gambia is capable to create itself a constitution which will ensure social and economic justice, peace and dignity.