Welcome to Master’s week 2019!

The Centre on Law & Social Transformation is lucky to have many bright and engaged students around! Since the centre was established back in 2014, as a collaboration between Chr. Michelsen Institute and University of Bergen, we have had 13 master’s theses written here, and nine new students are currently developing their research at the centre. This is something we are proud of.

The LawTransform students put a lot of effort into writing great master’s theses while also organizing seminars that make the centre an inspiring place to be. We therefore have all the reason to celebrate it with an entire week of seminars at Bergen Global: Welcome to LawTransform Masters’ Week 2019!

We will have exciting public seminars where the former students (Artur Rubinat Lacuesta, Mathilde Thorsen, Sara Ekblom and Ruben Berge Mathisen) will present their work and a closed session for discussing work in progress of current students (Aleksander Glapiak, Anja Rørnes Tucker, Bano Abdulrahman, Idun Holgersen Økland, Linn Liljeros, Liza Tuneva, Oda Ringstad, Olive Dwan and Shrey Nishchal). If you would like to participate in a closed session, please contact us (lara.cortes@cmi.no).

We are honored to have Jackie Dugard, Lara Côrtes, Lise Rakner, Siri Gloppen, Norman Anderssen and Bheki Dlamini as commentators and chairs for the seminars.

Master’s week schedule

Public seminars

5th March 2019, 16:30-17:30 Attitudes towards homosexuals in Africa
Ruben Berge Mathisen
A Postmaterialist Explanation for Homophobia in Africa: Multilevel Analysis of Attitudes Towards Homosexuals in 33 African Countries

Chair: Ingvild Aagedal Skage (LawTransform/UiB)
Discussants: Norman Anderssen (UiB) and Lise Rakner (UiB)

6th March 2019, 08:30-10:00 Water Rights: Power & Protection
Mathilde ThorsenWater & Power: Has the elevation of the right to water to an independent human right strengthened opportunities for those that have their rights violated in India?
Sara EkblomRecognized but not Protected? The Human Right to Safe Drinking Water & Protection of Foreign Investments in Water Utilities

Chair: Lara Côrtes (LawTransform/CMI)
Discussants: Jackie Dugard (University of Witwatersrand) and Siri Gloppen (LawTransform/UiB)

7th March 2019, 08:30-09:30 Community policing as social innovation
Artur Rubinat Lacuesta
Exploring Community Policing as Social Innovation. Democratic Governance, social needs, social change, and implementation challenges. The cases of Badalona and Pamplona (Spain)

Chair: Bheki Dlamini (LawTransform)
Discussant: (to be confirmed)

Private seminar for ongoing research

7th March 2019, 10:00-16:00
Closed session with current LawTransform students presenting their ongoing research

Students: Alexander Glapiak, Anja Rørnes Tucker, Bano Abdulrahman, Idun Holgersen Økland, Linn Liljeros, Liza Tuneva, Oda Ringstad, Olive Dwan and Shrey Nishchal.
Commentators: to be announced.