Alan Msosa

Global Fellow

PhD Candidate, University of Essex Human Rights Centre

Alan’s research focuses on societal and institutional factors that are influencing the lack of protection of human rights for non-heterosexual persons in Malawi. He holds a Master degree in theory and practice of human rights from the University of Essex Human Rights Centre. He has previously worked for International IDEA, an intergovernmental agency promoting democracy worldwide (2011-2013). He has previously worked on monitoring and evaluation of HIV and AIDS programmes in southern Africa (2008-2011). He has experience in investigating human rights violations at the Malawi Office of the Ombudsman (2001-2008). He is a guest blogger for Outright International.

He is member of the research team on the Sexual & Reproductive Rights Lawfare project.

Research Interests

  • Human Rights in Local contexts (local meanings and institutional operationalization)
  • Sociology and human rights
  • Sexuality and Human Rights

In addition to the PhD project, Alan is also researching on the local lexicon of human rights and LGBT rights in Malawi, and politics around international actors advancing LGBT rights in Africa.