Alida Steigler

Global Fellow

Alida Rita Steigler has a master’s degree in Law from Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest (Hungary) with an additional module acquired in Criminal Law. She finished summa cum laude, second best on her grade with a GPA of 4,92. Previously she studied at the University of Bergen for a year as an exchange student. Since autumn 2019 she has been an intern at LawTransform and now is responsible for coordinating the student group. Alida is also a research assistant to Siri Gloppen, and is helping with research at the centre, participating in many of the webinar-series. She wrote her master’s thesis in a topic regarding the fight against terrorism and how it can be used as a pretence in the hands of institutional/political bodies for reaching non-terrorism related goals. She also has an avid interested in comparative and interdisciplinary research, the protection of courts and constitutions, human rights and the challenges, changes those fields face nowadays. Other subjects she enjoys embarking on include legal theory, legal sociology, criminology, international and European public law and economic law.