Carmeliza Soares Da Costa Rosario

Political Determinants of Sexual and Reproductive Health Project

Phd candidate, Social Anthropology Institute, University of Bergen

Carmeliza Rosário is currently a Doctoral candidate at the Department of Social Anthropology, University of Bergen, Norway.  She has a Master of Philosophy in Development Anthropology from the same university, where she studied the impact of the 2004 Mozambican family law on polygamous relationships. As part of her doctoral studies she is conducting research on memory of women with power and authority in Zambezia. Her research region is Mozambique and her areas of interest include poverty and inequality, health, reproductive rights, women and vulnerable group’s rights. She is part of the research team on the projects on Sexual & Reproductive Rights Lawfare & Political determinants of sexual and reproductive health.

Ms Rosario has been a regular collaborator of CMI and has participated since 2005 in a number of long term research monitoring poverty, development interventions and the impact on the poorest. The result of these evaluations have been published in the CMI internal series, as well as other institutions’ publication series.