Davi Mendes Málaga

Global Fellow

PhD Candidate, Federal University of Viçosa (UFV), Department of Administration and Accounting


Studying prisons and prison policy for the best part of the last decade, Davi has a Bachelor in Law (2019) and Magister Scientiae (M.Sc.) (2021) in Administration by the same university (UFV). His undergraduate studies were focused on the APAC prison institutions as an alternative method for promoting resocialization and reintegration on prisons, and his Masters’ dissertation studied the consequences of prison policy on the processes of identity formation and the stigmatization of former incarcerated people.

His research interests gather diverse topics such as law, administration, sociology, anthropology, political science, public policy, human rights, imprisonment, law enforcement, penal law and penal process, incarceration and mental illness, democracy and autocratization, welfare and social support policy, among others.

He is part of the CAPES’ Doctoral Exchange Program, and currently as a guest researcher on UiB, is pursuing the field research necessary for his thesis project in Norwegian prisons. He is also involved in academic activities and projects hosted by LawTransform, the Centre on Law & Social Transformation, the Christian Michelsen Institute, among other research institutions.