Elin Monstad


PhD scholar


Elin Monstad is a PhD scholar at the department or Comparative Politics (ISP) at the University of Bergen (UiB). Her background is in Political Science, with a BA and MA in Comparative Politics. Before joining the department, Monstad had several short time employments as a scientific assistant, worked for the Norwegian United Nations Association and for the Norwegian Centre for Research Data. I have taught several seminar groups in Introductionary Social Science Theory (SV100), Scandinavian Politics and Government (SAMPOL120) and Democracy and Democratisation (SAMPOL115). Monstad has taken several courses in advanced quantitative and qualitative methodology, both of which are areas of strong academic interest.

Monstad’s PhD-thesis is written as a part of the project “Indigenous people and governance in the Arctic”, which is led by professor Per Selle. It is multi-disciplinary, combining political science and indigenous studies, focusing on the influence of political structures in the realization of political power and authority for the indigenous population in Arctic Europe and America. The project utilises a mixed-methods structure, combining qualitative document analysis, with QCA and statistical analyses.