Getnet Tadele

Global Fellow

Professor, Addis Adaba University

Getnet Tadele is a professor at Addis Adaba University, Ethiopia. He has been working on the interface of sociology/anthropology and health for over two decades with particular focus on sexuality, HIV/AIDS and sexual and reproductive health and rights, children and youth issues. He has co-edited two books and published a book and over 45 journal articles and book chapters. In recognition of his excellence in research, AAU Meritorious Award Committee has selected him as the winner of “Distinguished Research Award” for 2015/16 academic year. He has received a number of prestigious academic grants and fellowships including Fulbright scholarship, Erasmus Mundus scholar scholarship in International Health, Erskine Fellowship from University of Canterbury, New Zealand and attended over 60 conferences and workshops in Africa, Europe, Asia, North and South America. Getnet has also taught and researched in Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Netherlands, UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and Norway.

He has received academic grants from the Netherlands, UK and National Institute of Health USA and mentored a number of PhD and MA students through these grants.

Further, for more than two decades, he has been intensively engaged in community or consultancy services for various government organizations, multilateral and bilateral organizations, local and international NGOs based in Ethiopia and foreign universities and organizations. In addition to contributing to the production of knowledge on uncharted territories, many of his academic and consultancy research projects contributed to improved policy and practice.