Ilker Gökhan Sen

Global Fellow

PhD in law, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Ilker Gökhan Sen joined the LawTransform in October 2020.

Gökhan has a PhD in law from the University of Zurich, Switzerland. He taught constitutional law for several years in Turkey. He also spent one year at the University of Geneva, Switzerland as a guest researcher and took part as a Research fellow in the “Research Lab: Constitutional Politics in Turkey” funded by the Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany.

Gökhan has a continuing interest in Direct Democracy, Comparative Constitutional Law, Constitution-Making, Turkish Constitutional Politics and Law. He is the author of several books and articles in English and Turkish on these subjects. Interdisciplinary approach is the key to his research method. Currently he is working on his article and book projects on comparative law of referendums and effects of populism on constitutional democracy in Turkey.