Juliana Jaramillo

Global Fellow

PhD candidate, Interdisciplinary Center of Development Studies, Universidad de los Andes


Juliana Jaramillo is a PhD student in Development Studies at Universidad de los Andes (Colombia). She holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in history from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. She works in the field of socio-legal studies, and her research interests include gender and sexual diversity, human rights, courts, advocacy networks, and social movements. 

 Juliana is currently a guest researcher at the Centre on Law & Social Transformation, where she is working on her dissertation on the recognition of LGBTI rights: “The Mobilization for LGBTI Rights in Colombia. Legal Mobilization Networks and Judicial Impact”. She is also contributing to the organization of the Queer Lawfare Seminar Series, as well as other academic activities and projects hosted by LawTransform, the University of Bergen, and the Chr. Michelsen Institute.