Kavita Navlani Søreide


Fellow at the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library (NMML)


Kavita is a Political Scientist with a current focus on the Environmental Law and Land Rights in India’s Asymmetric Federal System. She holds a PhD in Federal Coalition Politics of India from the University of Delhi. She is interested in tracing the efficacy of environmental law against the backdrop of changing land and property rights in the tribal hill states of North East India under the special provisions of the sixth Schedule of the Indian constitution. Her wider research inclinations lie in studying the difference in administrative, political and policy responses of different Indian states in the federation to the post economics reforms period.
Kavita has also worked earlier as a private consultant for UNICEF Pulse Polio India Program and for Pathfinder International‘s Sexual Health of Adolescents in the Urban Slums of Delhi project.

Recent publications:

The text “Northeast India: Communal Tensions in Shillong” outlines how a land reform impacts minority groups in India. As Søreide highligts “Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya, is currently witnessing a violent conflict between the minority Dalit Sikhs and the local majority tribal Khasis. The recent conflict is not merely a problem of two communities at loggerheads due to their different group identities, but is essentially also an example of land (mis)management in the Khasi hills of Meghalaya“. To read more click here.


Land Rights, Environmental Protection and Inclusive Development within India’s Federal System
2013 - 2019