Lise Rakner

Fellow in Bergen

Professor of Comparative Politics, University of Bergen

Lise Rakner is Professor of Political Science at the Department of Government of the University of Bergen, Norway. Her research interests cover the fields of democratization and autocratization, with particular emphasis on human rights, electoral politics, political parties, and processes of democratic backsliding. Rakner’s work also extents to political economy, with an emphasis on economic reforms, taxation, business associations, budget processes and aid effectiveness. She has conducted several governance assessment analyses for international agencies and donor governments. She holds an adjunct position at the Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI), also in Bergen, where she is the PI of the research project Breaking BAD: Understanding Backlash Against Democracy in Africa funded by the Research Council of Norway (FRIHUMSAM), and part of the team for the research project Rights Activism Under Political Uncertainty, in which she studies NGO activism in Zimbabwe. Finally, Rakner is also the Research Leader for the Democracy & Law Unit in the Centre on Law & Social Transformation – LawTransform, where she heads the Zambia country study in the research project Political Determinants of Sexual and Reproductive Health, and is the PI of Autocratization Dynamics: Innovations in Research-Embedded Learning project.



Gender Trouble: Glocalization of gender politics and challenges for public health and democracy
2023 - 2024

Litigating the Right to Health
2008 - 2012