Marianne Tøraasen

Fellow in Bergen

Postdoctoral researcher, UiB/CMI

Marianne is splitting her time between working as a postdoc at CMI and as a researcher at the University of Bergen. She was a PhD candidate on the “Women on the Bench” project where she studied women’s judicial representation in Haiti. She focused on three aspects of women’s judicial representation in fragile contexts: representative roles, access to and experiences on the bench. She has also studied the gender parity quota law in Senegal and its impact on women’s symbolic representation in the Senegalese National Assembly, as well as the role of police reform in combatting sexual and gender-based violence against women in Haiti. Currently, she is part of a ERC project on the gender gap in political seniority, focusing on the French National Assembly.

Marianne holds a PhD in Comparative Politics and BA in French, both from the University of Bergen.


Women on the Bench: The Role of Female Judges in Fragile States
2017 - 2022