Maya Unnithan

Global Fellow

Sexual and Reproductive Rights Project

Maya Unnithan is Professor of Social and Medical Anthropology at the University of Sussex where she leads the centre for research on Cultures of Reproduction, Technologies and Health (CORTH). Maya’s research interests are in reproductive politics and sexual reproductive rights (including the right to health), the anthropology of childbirth, infertility, abortion (including sex-selective abortion) and the cultural politics of blood (including menstruation and anaemia). She has a particular interest in interpretive methodologies and critical ethnography, including the global ethnography of institutions and activism. She is editor of several volumes including Reproductive Agency, Medicine and the State (2004) and co-editor of books including Critical Journeys: The Making of Anthropologists (2006) and the Cultural Politics of Reproduction: Migration, Health and Family-making (2014). Maya has recently co-authored special journal issues on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (Culture, Health and Sexuality, 2014) and on Abortion in Neoliberal Times (Global Public Health, 2018).