Oda Ringstad

Pilot for Corruption and Law

Intern & volunteer at the Bergen Exchanges 2018


Oda Ringstad is a fifth-year law-student at the University of Bergen, and she is currently writing her Masters Thesis on the legal framework for the Arms Trade Treaty in Norway. During autumn 2018, she was on exchange to the University of Oslo for her elective topics, which were “JUS5134 The Right to Peace” and “JUS5730 International Humanitarian Law”.

As an intern, she is a pilot for the unit “Corruption & Law” and one of three editors of LawTransform’s monthly newsletter.

Besides studies, Oda works as a research assistant at Chr. Michelsen Institute for prof. Siri Gloppen.  Oda is also the previous leader of the Student Council of Amnesty International Norway, and she also holds an undergraduate degree in Politics and International Relations from the University of Manchester where she graduated in 2013.