Veronica Olin Øverlid


Phd Candidate, Carleton University

Veronica is a student affiliate at the Center for Law and Social Transformation and is starting a PhD in Legal Studies at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada from fall 2018.

Building on her MA thesis, through a TWAIL* perspective and focusing on external causes of displacement related to international legal regimes for the global economy, trade, war and the environment, she argues that developed countries themselves take part in creating conditions for displacement in the Third World. Nevertheless,there is a serious mismatch between causation and current solutions for migrants and refugees. Although local factors also play an important role in displacement in the Third World, she would like to explore further the role of external interventions, which she claims is not subject to equal scrutiny. Thus, in her recently started project she intends to look at why international legal discourse is disconnected from the main reasons for displacement, and how many developed states through international law are able to cloud their responsibility in this regard. Through this research she hopes to contribute to an alternative debate about developed states’ asylum policy.

Veronica completed her Master of Arts in International Human Rights Law at The American University in Cairo, Egypt, where she focused her thesis on migration and refugee law. Simultaneously she was working as a consultant at the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Cairo, where she was particularly involved in projects related to gender-based violence and sexual harassment.

Veronica’s interests include migration and refugee issues, global inequality, gender issues and critical legal studies.

*Third World Approaches to International Law

Link to Master thesis: