The Pro Bono Group

Project Team: Marit Skivenes, Kaja Eek-Larsen, Ida Benedicte Juhasz, Oda Krogh Læret, Amy McEwan-Strand, Hilde Svrljuga Sætre, Line Marie Sørsdal, Siri Hansen Pedersen & Emma Kristi Stenhouse Ytrearne

Timeframe: 02/02/2017 -

We are a group at the University of Bergen that conduct research on children´s rights. Pro Bono is a Latin phrase for professional work and research undertaken voluntarily without payment and for the benefit of the public good. We believe that working for children and young individual’s rights is a particularly important social responsibility.

In the Pro Bono group we are working with an evaluation of ”Mitt Liv” (My Life) that is a program developed by “Forandringsfabrikken” and ”BarnevernsProffene”. “Forandringsfabrikken” (translated to “The Change Factory”) is a foundation that is, along with the public, working to highlight a child centred perspective in the Norwegian child welfare system. “BarnevernsProffene” are youths working for “Forandringsfabrikken” and who are experts by experience with the child welfare system. “Mitt Liv” (My Life) is a developing project initiated by “Forandringsfabrikken”. Their ambition is to change the way child welfare workers work, to change their values towards children so that the child is in the centre of all decisions made by the child welfare system. The project is set to change work procedures and the ethos in child welfare agencies in municipalities in Norway and to be implemented in 2016-2017.

Principal investigator: Prof. Marit Skivenes

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