The role of courts and civil society in safeguarding women’s human rights in Bangladesh

Project Team: Roberto Gargarella (project leader), Siri Gloppen

Timeframe: 07/01/2004 - 12/01/2005

In spite of more than three decades of efforts to promote women’s rights in Bangladesh, the results have been piecemal and only slowly forthcoming, leaving unanswered a number of questions about the interrelations over the last three decades between the legislature, the judiciary system and the civil society in enforcing and promoting gender justice and in responding to gender injusticies within both public and private domains. Applied research on the topic still lacks a solid foundation within relevant comparative research. Through the project, CMI and ASK will 1) conduct an analytical review of existing policy relevant research on the role of courts in Bangladesh in reforming laws, effectuating them and in influencing public opinion on gender justice; 2) identify particularly relevant cases for later in-depth investigation; 3) identify a tentative theoretical framework for explaining the judiciary’s role in addressing women’s rights and gender justice in Bangladesh.