Public Seminars

Public Seminars


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Panel on ‘Autocratization dynamics in Africa’ at Bergen Exchanges 2021

Team members gathered in a roundtable discussion on 16 August. Africa is a continent where democracy has long been in precarious state, but where the global trend towards democratic backsliding is less notable. Why is this so? What are the characteristics of the autocratization dynamics – and counter-forces – that play out on the African continent?

Breakfast For Democracy #BFF Series



Project team with panel on Bergen Exchanges 2020

The Breaking BAD project were part of opening this years’ Bergen Exchanges on 17 August, with partial physical and digital attendance – by both panelists and audience.

Democratic Backsliding panel at ASA Friday 30th of November

Most of the project team are spending the week at the annual meeting of the African Studies Association in Atlanta and will host a panel on Friday morning on democratic rollback in Africa.

Photo: Monica Melton

Photo: Monica Melton

Project team participates in workshop on popular uprisings

The Breaking BAD project team was invited to participate in a project workshop for a newly launched project on civil resistance and democratization, titled ‘Securing the Victory? Understanding Dynamics of Short-run and Long-term Success in Popular Uprisings and Democratization’.


Panel on shrinking democratic space at MRdagarna

The Swedish Forum for Human Rights (MRdagarna) gathers domestic and international human rights activists in Sweden. Svein-Erik Helle participated in panel on shrinking democratic space in East Africa.