Irene Maffi: Abortion in Post-revolutionary Tunisia: Politics, Medicine and Morality

Irene Maffi (2020)
New York and Oxford: Berghahn Books

After the revolution of 2011, the electoral victory of the Islamist party ‘Ennahdha’ allowed previously silenced religious and conservative ideas about women’s right to abortion to be expressed. This also allowed healthcare providers in the public sector to refuse abortion and contraceptive care. This book explores the changes and continuity in the local discourses and practices related to the body, sexuality, reproduction and gender relationships. It also investigates how the bureaucratic apparatus of government healthcare facilities affects the complex moral world of clinicians and patients.

Irene Maffi is Professor of Social Anthropology at the Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lausanne, and Associated Researcher at Christian Michelsen Institute, Bergen.

Book is an output of LawTransform project Political determinants of sexual and reproductive health: Criminalisation, health impacts and game changers.