Are there population biases against migrant children?

Hege Stein Helland, Kartin Križ, Sagrario Segado Sánchez-Cabezudo & Marit Skivenes (2018)
Children and Youth Services Review

Are there population biases against migrant children? An experimental analysis of attitudes towards corporal punishment in Austria, Norway and Spain” in Children and Youth Services Review.

The study asks whether migrant children are viewed differently than native children, employing an experiment on a representative sample of the populations of Austria, Norway and Spain. Citizens are asked about the acceptability of corporal punishment and if a case of corporal punishment should be reported to child protection authorities.

The results show no bias due to migrant background. There are significant cross-country differences in the acceptance of corporal punishment. However, the willingness to report to the child protection systems are quite similar across countries.

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