Direito e gênero: reflexões plurais sobre teorias feministas

Cunha, Luciana Gross and Lívia Gonçalves Buzolin (2022)

New publication from researchers affiliated with our partner institution Getulio Vargas Foundation São Paulo School of Law. Our PhD guest researcher Ana Côrtes contributes with the first chapter which addresses MacKinnon and the law as a tool for the emancipation of women.

The following chapters address MacKinnon’s sex equality and the evolution of the family law legal framework in Brazil, Alda Facio and the feminist theory from Latin America, the view of Brazilian feminist legal scholars on sexual violence, the importance of intersectionality for legal academic productions, weaknesses in MacKinnon’s approach with regards to the Marxist theory, and the experience of reading MacKinnon’s work in 2021’s Brazil.

This publication developed from meetings for reading and debating the legal scholar and activist Catharine MacKinnon’s work that included one session  with her. The book aims to reflect on the emancipation of women in a plural way and with varied theoretical references.

The whole book, in Portuguese, can be accessed here.