New religious/secular configurations: the self-proclaim “pro-life” NGOs and the disputes on sexual politics in Argentina

Defago, María Angélica Peñas, and José Manuel Morán Faúndes (2016)
Religião & Sociedade 35.2 (2015): 340-362.

Although the hierarchy of the Catholic Church and some evangelical churches continue to be the central opposition to sexual and reproductive rights (SRR), in recent decades, various sectors from the civil society have also begun to get politically active with the purpose of resisting the advance of the SRR agenda. Several “pro-life” NGOs are becoming increasingly important in Argentina. This article aims to describe the emergence and development of these NGOs in the country, the changes in their public identities and actions, as well as the ways in which these NGOs relate religion with politics. At the beginning, most of these organizations maintained a strong catholic identity; however, in the last two decades, a series of evangelical organizations have begun to emerge. In addition, many other NGOs are downplaying their religious identity, displacing it to a secondary position. This phenomenon evidences the complex nature of the limits between religion and secularity in the political activities of these organizations, in the context of the current debates around sexual policies.