Social Rights Judgments and the Politics of Compliance. Making it stick.

Langford, M., Rodríguez-Garavito, C. & Rossi, J. (2017)
Cambridge University Press

Malcolm Langford, Co-Director of Centre on Law and Social Transformation, has, together with César Rodríguez-Garavito and Julieta Rossi, edited the book “Social Rights Jugdments and the Politics of Compliance. Making it stick” (Cambridge University Press). Among the contributors are Global Fellows of LawTransform Bruce Wilson and Daniel M. Brinks.


“The past few decades have witnessed an explosion of judgments on social rights around the world. However, we know little about whether these rulings have been implemented. Social Rights Judgments and the Politics of Compliance is the first book to engage in a comparative study of compliance of social rights judgments as well as their broader effects. Covering fourteen different domestic and international jurisdictions and drawing on multiple disciplines, it finds significant variance in outcomes and reveals both spectacular successes and failures in making social rights a reality on the ground. This variance is strikingly similar to that found in previous studies on civil rights, and the key explanatory factors lie in the political calculus of defendants and the remedial framework. The book also discusses which strategies have enhanced implementation, and focuses on judicial reflexivity, alliance building and social mobilisation.”