Special Issue: The limits of the law: Abortion in the Middle East and North Africa

Maffi, Irene and Liv Tønnessen (eds) (2019)
Health and Human Rights Journal DECEMBER 2019, VOLUME 21, NUMBER 2

The Political Determinants of sexual and reproductive health project published in December 2019 a special issue in the Journal of Health and Human Rights. The title of the special issue is: “The limits of the law: Abortion in the Middle East and North Africa”, and guest editors for the special issue was Liv Tønnessen and Irene Maffi.

The special issue seeks to understand the political and economic dynamics that drive, hamper, and shape the use of criminal law to regulate abortion in the understudied MENA region. It also aims to explore the effects of discourses and policies promoted by states, international agencies, local nongovernmental organizations, political parties, and Islamic organizations on medical practices and social norms shaping modern reproductive subjectivities. Abortion in the MENA region has been largely understudied, so the special issue which builds on long term qualitative fieldwork, gives unique empirical insights.

It includes papers from the Political determinants project: