Stream of publications from LawTransform intern Nelufer Nazrul

Nelufer Nazrul (2024)

Interview with Nelufer Nazrul:

Over the past three months Nelufer Nazrul, a Transform intern and Master’s student at the Global Development Theory and Practice program at the University of Bergen, has published two articles in peer reviewed journals, and had a book chapter accepted. She also just published a book review. In this short interview Nelufer shares her journey.

Interviewer: Nelufer, could you tell us more about your recent publications?

Nelufer Nazrul: Certainly, I’m honored to share details about my recent work:

The first article, “A History Unfolding: Exploring the Past, Present, and Challenges of Bangladesh’s LGBTQ+ Community” was published in Res Militaris. It delves into the historical, legal, social, and political challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community in Bangladesh, and sheds light on the sensitive and complex interplay of gender roles, patriarchal traditions, and religious considerations.

The second article “Quantitative Approaches to Sex Education in South Asia: The Cases of Bangladesh and India”was published in the International Social Sciences and Education Journal. The article uses quantitative data to explore aspects of sex education in Bangladesh and India, highlighting the challenges and potential solutions.

The upcoming book chapter is titled “Double-Edged Sword: Comparative Study on Lawfare’s Fight for LGBTQ+ Rights in India and Nepal”. It will be part of an Indian book: Unraveling Authority: Literature, Governance, and Society, Edited by:  Dr Shivangi Mishra, Mangalyaan University, Aligarh, India The book is scheduled for publication on June 30, 2024 (Research Publications India Ltd)

The book review discusses The Patriarchs: How Men Came to Rule ” by Angela Saini. (4th Estate, 2022). This groundbreaking book provides a cross-disciplinary analysis of the roots of misogyny and the subsequent advancement of patriarchal structures worldwide. The review was published in Trends in Social Sciences and Humanities Research.

Interviewer: This is impressive – and very unusual for a Master’s student! But you are of course not the typical student. Can you tell us about your background, and your path to these remarkable accomplishments?

Nelufer Nazrul: My academic journey began with a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations, followed by a Master’s in the same field from the University of Dhaka, one of the best universities in Bangladesh. In 2011, I attended Malmö University in Sweden to earn a second Master’s degree in Global Political Studies with a concentration in Human Rights.

After completing my studies in Sweden, family obligations led me back to Bangladesh, where I applied my academic knowledge to practical work, collaborating with national and international organizations like UNICEF, WHO, and CARE Bangladesh. During this time, I further enriched my academic background by studying law and earning my LLB and LL.M. degrees in Bangladesh.

When I got the opportunity to revive my academic goals by enrolling in the M.Phil. program in Global Development Theory and Practice at the University of Bergen, this marked a new chapter in my life as I moved back to Europe with my five-year-old daughter.

Interviewer: How has being part of LawTransform impacted your journey?

Nelufer Nazrul: I was a volunteer at the Bergen Exchanges on Law & Social Transformation in August 2023, and this was truly a life-changing experience.  It reignited my passion for academic writing and publishing. My subsequent internship at LawTransform provided me with much-needed time and resources to focus on writing. It gave me access to a wealth of information and opportunities that were previously unavailable to me in Bangladesh. During this internship, I revisited some of my earlier writings, adding fresh perspectives and insights from my ongoing education. The guidance and encouragement I received from Siri Gloppen and Lara Côrtes is invaluable. They encouraged me to actively pursue writing for publication and boosted my confidence tremendously. This was instrumental in keeping me motivated and inspired throughout my endeavor. It’s clear that mentorship and support from experienced individuals can make a significant difference in an academic journey. In this respect, I am also very grateful to the MA program on Global Development Theory and Practice and to my teachers from the program, Siri Lange and Haldis Haukanes (my supervisor). I also appreciate that they enlightened me about the possibility of doing an internship at LawTransform.

I am also really thankful to the student’s group of Law Transform, who have been the best of peers, reviewing and discussing my each and every work, providing valuable insights and feedback. The opportunity to present my work in the student group has enriched me each time. The wonderful academic events at LawTransform have also helped me gain new knowledge.

Interviewer: What advice would you give to other Master’s students who aspire to follow in your footsteps?

Nelufer Nazrul: I’m still learning the ropes myself, but I’ve found it helpful to connect with others in the field. Attending conferences, webinars, and even reaching out to established authors and editors can be great ways to learn and build a network of supportive people. It can be discouraging to face rejection, but it happens to everyone. The key is to be persistent and keep putting yourself out there.

Mentors and peers who can offer guidance are also incredibly valuable. Their encouragement and feedback can help you improve your work and stay motivated. Ultimately, the most important is to keep learning and believing in yourself. These qualities can make all the difference in your writing journey.

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