Latest Publications

How African countries respond to fake news and hate speech

Lisa Garbe, Lisa-Marie Selvik & Pauline Lemaire (2021)

In: Information, Communication & Society


Women and Power in Africa: Aspiring, Campaigning, and Governing

Edited by Leonardo ArriolaMartha Johnson, and Melanie Phillips (2021)

Tempering Transnational Advocacy? The Effect of Repression and Regulatory Restriction on Transnational NGO Collaborations

Luc Fransen, Kendra Dupuy, Marja Hinfelaar, Sultan Mohammed & Zakaria Mazumder (2021)

Special Issue Article In: Global Policy

Don’t Touch My Constitution! Civil Society Resistance to Democratic Backsliding in Africa’s Pluralist Regimes

Lise Rakner (2021)

Special Issue Article In: Global Policy

Do women face a different standard? The interplay of gender and corruption in the 2014 presidential elections in Malawi

Boniface Dulani, Lise Rakner, Lindsay Benstead & Vibeke Wang (2021)

In: Women’s Studies International Forum