The impossible imperative – Navigating the competing principles of child protection

Join us for a book presentation of the newly published book The Impossible Imperative with author Jill Duerr Berrcik.

The Impossible Imperative brings to life the daily efforts of child welfare professionals working on behalf of vulnerable children and families. Stories that highlight the work, written by child welfare staff on the front lines, speak to the competing principles that shape everyday decisions.

The book shows that, rather than being a simple task of protecting children, the field of child welfare is shaped by a series of competing ideas. The text features eight principles that undergird child protection practice, all of which are typically in conflict with each other.

The Impossible Imperative is design to inspire a lively debate about the fundamental nature of child welfare and about the principles that serve as the foundation for the work.

Date: 16 November 2017
Time: 14:15-15:45
Place: Christies gate 17, 5007 Bergen – seminar room 112 at the Department of Administration and Organization theory.

About the author:

Jill Duerr Berrick is the Zellerbach Family Foundation Professor in the School of Social Welfare at the Univerity of California Berkely.  Dr. Berrick’s research focuses on the relationship of the state to vulnerable families. Her approach relies upon the voices of service system consumers and providers to identify the impacts of social problems and social service solutions on family life