Videos and Interviews

Politics of corruption: Brazil and Peru

October 2019 – Florian Hoffmann, Camila Gianella and Bheki Dlamini

In this breakfast seminar, Florian Hoffmann (PUC-Rio), Camila Gianella (CMI, PCUP) and Bheki Dlamini (political activist with a Master in Public Administration) discussed the politicization of the fight against corruption in Brazil and in Peru, with particular focus on the Lava Jato-case.

The event was live streamed. You can watch it, here.

Interview with Alan Msosa on the situation for LGBTQI+ rights in Malawi

June 2019 – Alan Msosa and Marit Tjelmeland

In this interview, Marit Tjelmeland and Alan Msosa discuss the current situation for LGBTQI+ rights in Malawi. This interview relates to the SRR project.

Malawi is an important case study for the understanding of how majority members of society deal with minority interests. In the case of LGBTQI+ rights, it is an opportunity to analyse how local African communities navigate universality of human rights when confronted with contested norms and values.

Health, human rights and the sustainable development agenda

February 2019 – Alicia Ely Yamin 

Alicia Yamin points to three principle challenges for promoting justice in the health law policy:

  1. Health has to be recognized as a legal right
  2. The right to health must be reflected in the institutions and how they prioritize
  3. It must be shown that treating health as a right can contribute to fairer health systems, more just societies, and help to curb global health inequity.

See how Alicia explains the link between Health, Human Rights and the Sustainable Development Agenda in the video here.

Understanding gender, overcoming stereotypes

December 2018 – Alicia Ely Yamin 

Human rights lawyer and Incubator Senior Scholar in Residence at Harvard University, Alicia Ely Yamin discusses gender stereotypes and reframing the struggles for sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Watch here.

Tuberculosis Stories 

Camila Gianella 

LawTransform researcher Camila Gianella was part of a research project aiming to assess how people with TB are addressed in Peru. The project resulted in videos explaining the impact of TB and access to healthcare in remote communities.

Watch all four videos here.