Abortion rights lawfare webinar-series

Nowadays the world experiences both challenges and backlash, and vivid legal and social mobilisation when it comes to sexual and reproductive rights. Battles for and against women’s rights to reproductive choice rage in courts and legislatures, in electoral campaigns and on the streets. The idea of this webinar-series is to address some key regarding the subject, considering the main role that law and politics play on the availability and the quality of these rights, including abortion, access to information and sex education.

Political polarization has been particularly pronounced on to abortion rights and rights of sexual minorities (LGBTIQ – lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer – persons), but is also evident in issues such as the regulation of contraception, sterilization and adultery, divorce, sexual education and stem cell research.

Abortion Backlash! The significance of 22nd October 2020 for Poland and the world
22nd October 2020 was a momentous day for abortion rights. On that day, the Constitutional Tribunal of Poland ruled that abortion is illegal and 32 countries signed the Geneva Consensus Declaration, where they explicitly state that ‘there is no international right to abortion’.

Towards a new debate on abortion law reform in Argentina?
Abortion and post-abortion care in Argentina are heavily restricted. However, hope for legalising abortion resurfaced after the election of the current president, Alberto Fernández, who – for the first time – openly supported abortion rights and promised to send a bill to the congress, which would allow for the voluntary interruption of pregnancy.