Check out Rachel Sieder’s blog piece on the Pluriland project

Frontiers of Social-Legal Studies, the new blog of the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies at the University of Oxford, has just published Rachel Sieder‘s blog piece on the LawTransform/CMI research project PluriLand: Theorizing Conflict and Contestation in Plural Land Rights Regimes. Check the piece here and learn more about this relevant project!

LawTransform PhD course 2019

LawTransform PhD course 2019 Effects of Lawfare: Courts and law as battlegrounds for social change (14- 23 August) Practical information The course combines lectures specifically designed for the course and participation in the lectures, panels, round-tables, and workshops of the Bergen Exchanges on Law & Social Transformation. Here are the programs for the PhD-course/Bergen Exchanges and […]

Homeless in São Paulo fight for drinking water

The metropolitan area of São Paulo is home to approximately 21 million people or about four times the population of Norway. Among the largest cities in the Americas, Sao Paulo alone is home to approximately 12 million people. In a city which, according to Forbes Magazine, has among the largest concentrations of billionaires in the […]

World Water Day 2019 – Leaving no one behind

There is a good reason why two UN resolutions explicitly recognized the right to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation as an independent human right in 2010, and there is also a good reason why the World Water Day has been celebrated every year since 22. March 1993. The violation of the right to […]

LawTransform received honorary award from Bergen Sameforening

We at the Centre on Law & Social Transformation are very pleased for having received the Bergen Sameforening’s honorary award 2019 for our contribution to increased visibility and focus on Sami issues and for a great collaboration in organizing the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Sami association in Bergen. Henrik Olsen, the Council member of the […]

Two master theses completed as part of the Water-rights project

Congratulations to Mathilde Thorsen and Sara Ekblom on their master theses! The Water-rights’ project team is really proud of you! Water & Power (2017-2018). Mathilde Thorsen (UiB, Department of Comparative Politics, Supervisor: Siri Gloppen). Has the elevation of the right to water to an independent human right, strengthened opportunities for those that have their rights violated in […]

Water & Power – Dissertation by Mathilde Thorsen

On 1st. of June comparative politics student Mathilde Thorsen handed in her master thesis: ‘Water & Power: Has the elevation of the right to water to an independent human right, strengthened the opportunities for those that have their rights violated in India?’ The thesis attempts to explain the development of the international human right to […]

Sami National Day with LawTransform

Celebration of the Sami National Day with LawTransform on the news: Thank you all for making LawTransform’s first Annual Lecture on Rights of Indigenous Peoples such an inspiring event! We are especially grateful for our collaboration with the Department of Comparative Politics at the University of Bergen, Sami Association in Bergen, United Nations Association of […]

Grant from Stiftelsen Fritt Ord for LawTransform MA student

Congratulations to Mathilde Thorsen, our intern on the Water-rights project and a master student at the Department of Comparative Politics at the University of Bergen, who has been awarded a grant from Stiftelsen Fritt Ord for her MA thesis: ‘Water & Power’ – How civil society make use of the international human rights system regarding the right […]