Video: Constitutional reform process in Gambia

Satang Nabaneh is a doctoral candidate at the Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria and LawTransform PhD scholar as part of the research project on “Political Determinants of sexual and reproductive health in Africa.” Gambia is facing the challenge of developing its new constitution. In this video Satang Nabaneh discusses questions such as how to […]

Sexual and Reproductive Rights in India

On the 14th – 15th of April LawTransform co-organized the conference ‘’Sexual & Reproductive Rights in India: Social movements & legal battles‘‘ at the Bangalore International Centre in India. Through this conference prominent sexual and reproductive rights (SRR) activists, academics and lawyers were brought together to evaluate the past, present and future of  SRR work […]

Overcoming the Limits of Legal Opportunity Structures – LGBT Rights’ Divergent Paths in Costa Rica and Colombia

This is a short summary of the article “Overcoming the limits of Legal Opportunity Strctures – LGBT rights’ Divergent Paths in Costa Rica and Colombia, written by Bruce M. Wilson and Camila Gianella-Malca (published in the journal “Latin American Politics and Society”). The article is part of the LawTransform project Sexual and Reproductive Rights Lawfare: […]

Article: Sex education in Latin American schools

This is a summary of the article “Sex education in schools: A battleground in Latin America” written by Camila Gianella. Full article is available at Latin America is the only region in the world where adolescent pregnancies are not decreasing. It is expected that 38 % of Latin American girls will get pregnant before […]

Seminar: The decriminalization of homosexuality in India – Litigating on love.

On 22nd October, the Lawtransform unit for Gender, Sexuality and the Law hosted a breakfast seminar on the decriminalization of homosexuality in India. Vikram Kolmannskog (researcher on the LawTransform project Sexual and Reproductive Rights Lawfare: Global Battles) and Jayna Kothari (constitutional lawyer and co-founder of Centre for Law and Policy Research, Bangalore) discussed the Indian […]

Summer school course on gender based violence

Bergen Summer Research School (11 – 22 June 2018) will offer a course on “Gender based violence: Rights as governance mechanisms and political tools”. The application deadline is 15 February and there are some stipends available.  Course leaders are Henriette Aasen (UiB) and Torunn Wimpelmann (CMI) and lecturers include Jackie Dugard; Siri Gloppen; Hans Fredrik Martinussen; […]

Workshop: Rights, Reproduction and Care

Gender, intimacy and mobility in the context of hardening borders and new populist nationalisms. This workshop addresses the linked concepts of rights,control and regulation of reproduction, and the growing financialisation of care. We are on one hand witnessing the growth of populist and exclusionist movements which push European governments to harden and militarise borders. Simultaneously, Western […]