Keynote: Angana P. Chatterji: The Role of Counter-Memory in Contexts of Majoritarian Nationalism and Illiberal Democracy

Date/Time: 25 August 2022, 09:00-09:45
Venue: Kulturhuset and Zoom

History-writing, remembrance, and erasure are powerful political tools in the hands of victors and rulers but also serve as modalities of resistance for subaltern and oppressed groups. In this keynote, Dr. Chatterji discusses the role of counter-memory and the archive, in establishing foundations for accountability in political conflict, situated within the context of majoritarian nationalism and illiberal democracy. Particular focus will be on Indian-administered Kashmir. 

Angana P. Chatterji is Research Anthropologist and Founding Co-chair of the Political Conflict, Gender and People’s Rights Initiative at the Center for Race and Gender, University of California, Berkeley. She is also a Research Fellow at the Center for Human Rights and International Justice at Stanford University and leads the creation of the Archive on Legacies of Conflict in South Asia. Her recent publications include: BREAKING WORLDS: Religion, Law, and Nationalism in Majoritarian India; The Story of Assam (2021) and Majoritarian State: How Hindu Nationalism is Changing India (2019). For the second semester of 2022 she will be a Global Fellow at LawTransform.

Chair: Marthe Sleire Engedahl (UiB Law School/LawTransform)