Keynote: Paola Bergallo: Abortion Rights Lawfare

Date/Time: 24 August 2022, 10:00-11:15
Venue: University Aula

Abortion rights is an increasingly central political faultline globally. In Latin America it has arguably become the main political issue dividing the political fronts and serving as a the basis for political coalition building. Abortion rights were also at the core of the powerful feminist movement that has swept like a green wave over the continent in the past few years. In her keynote, Paola Bergallo will discuss the widely diverging trends that we are seeing globally when it comes to abortion rights and why it is that while states in the US are restricting abortion rights at breakneck speed, a number of Latin American countries are moving towards liberalization.

Paola Bergallo is Professor of Law at Di Tella University in Buenos Aires, Researcher at CONICET and a Global Fellow of LawTransform. She earned a doctorate in law from Stanford Law School, and her work focuses on health rights and gender matters, subjects she has studied from a comparative law and a socio-legal perspective. She has also served as expert witness and advisor to a number of domestic and international organisations. Paola Bergallo has contributed to the feminist resurgence in Argentina and beyond, and played a collaborative role in the process that led to the legalization of abortion in her country.


Roundtable: Abortion Rights Lawfare in Latin America

On February 21, this year, Colombia’s Constitutional Court legalized abortion during the first 24 weeks of pregnancy. How did a country where women only got the right to vote in 1954, where the Catholic church remains influential and where there unitl 2006 was a total ban on abortion end up with one of the most progessive abortion laws in the world?  And what has happened in the months since – do we see signs of a backlash? Are dynamics different i countries where liberalisation happened in the legislative bodes rather than in the courts, such as Chile and Argentina and parts of Mexico? And why are the political dynamics around abortion so different in Brazil – where there are few signs of liberalization?

Participants: TBA

This roundtable marks the publication of a special issue on Abortion Lawfare in Latin America (Revista Direito GV, Vol 17, Issue: 3, 2021, eds; C.Barbieri, C. Gianella, A. Peñas and M. Machado) as part of the LawTransform project Sexual and Reproductive Rights Lawfare Global Battles