Lunch Seminar with Fiona Macaulay: State responses to feminicide in Brazil

Welcome to a lunch seminar with Fiona Macaulay, Senior Lecturer in Peace Studies at the University of Bradford.
On Friday 1st of October , Fiona Macaulay will visit. Join us for a lunch seminar between 11.30- 12.30 at Bergen Global, where she will talk about her new book Transforming State Responses to Feminicide: Women’s Movements, Law and Criminal Justice Institutions in Brazil, which has just been published.
Fiona Macaulay is a Senior Lecturer in Peace Studies at the University of Bradford and her research will be of interest to many. A Latin Americanist with a particular focus on Brazil, she has worked on how institutional and political processes that drive or impede reform in the security sector and women’s representation, as well as how Brazilian society and criminal justice agencies have been developing effective policies and practices to tackle the problem of feminicide- the subject of her new book.
Please register for lunch within Thursday 30 September 13:00:
The talk will be chaired by Torunn Wimpelmann, Research Director for the Rights and Gender group at CMI.