Call for applications: LawTransform/ Rafto Master’s student scholarship

Interested in climate change, democracy and human rights? Don’t miss an opportunity to write a Master thesis on these issues in collaboration with RAFTO and to get a scholarship of 20 000 NOK! Application deadline: 15 November 2020.

About the scholarship

The Department of Comparative Politics announces a scholarship of NOK 20,000 for a master student who writes or is interested in writing a Master thesis about the effects of different types of teaching methods within climate change, democracy and human rights. The master thesis should reflect social studies didactic problems.

The scholarship is 20,000 NOK. The first half of the scholarship will be paid when the contract is written, the second half when thesis is submitted. Student should submit a master thesis during the spring of 2022. The student commits to present a short version of thesis in an article format. The scholarship is open for students from the Department of Comparative Politics and also from other relevant subjects.

The scholarship is a part of the Diku project “Rethinking democracy & law” which is owned by the Department of Comparative politics.  The Rafto Foundation are one of the project partners. The Rafto Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the global promotion of human rights. It is one of seven peace and human rights centers in Norway, and the only human rights center based in Western Norway.

The Rafto Foundation offers guidance for students working on these topics and encourages candidates to contact the institution before applying to ensure that the project overlaps with the teaching department’s research interests. The Rafto Foundation will facilitate data collection both qualitatively and quantitatively.

About the application

Your application must contain a short project description of 3-5 pages.

Applications will be evaluated on the basis of academic relevance, students’ academic qualifications and progress plan.

Deadline for application is 15 November. Please send your application to Siri Gloppen, Professor at the Department of Comparative Politics, Director at LawTransform. (

If you have any questions, please contact: Siri Gloppen, Professor at the Department of Comparative Politics, Director at LawTransform ( or Julie Ane Ødegaard Borge, Head of Education at Rafto (