Siri Gloppen


Professor of Political Science (Department of Government) and Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Bergen

Siri Gloppen is the founding Director of LawTransform and current Co-Director. She is a political scientist with a research agenda at the intersection of law and politics, combining a focus on empirical socio-legal studies and political theory. Her work spans legal mobilization and lawfare,  judicial politics and the role of courts in social transformation, gender and judging, democratization, constitution making and institutionalization of accountability structures, election processes, human rights, transitional justice and reconciliation. She has broad experience in leading and participating in cross-regional and interdisciplinary research projects investigating legal mobilization and the role of law and courts in areas such as health, abortion and LGBTIQ+ politics, democratic backlash, climate change, land and water rights and child protection. Her main empirical focus is Southern and Eastern Africa.



Elevating water rights to human rights: Has it strengthened marginalized peoples’ claim for water?

Gender Trouble: Glocalization of gender politics and challenges for public health and democracy
2023 - 2024

LawTransform: Effects of Rights & Law
2018 - 2023

Legitimacy Challenges

PluriLand: Theorizing Conflict and Contestation in Plural Land Rights Regimes

Rethinking democracy & law
2019 - 2022

Women on the Bench: The Role of Female Judges in Fragile States
2017 - 2022

Abortion Rights Lawfare in Latin America
2014 - 2017

Accountability functions of courts
2003 - 2008

Aid to judicial reform
2003 - 2005

Climate Change Discourse, Rights, and the Poor
2010 - 2012

Democratization and the Judiciary
2002 - 2010

Juridification and Social Citizenship
2011 - 2020

Land Rights, Environmental Protection and Inclusive Development within India’s Federal System
2013 - 2019

Litigating the Right to Health
2008 - 2012