The World’s Worst State Leaders of 2021

When the Norwegian newspaper Morgenbladet declared the “The World’s Worst State Leaders of 2021”, Lise Rakner, Professor of political science at the University of Bergen and head of LawTransform’s Democracy & Law unit, was on the expert committee. In this edition of “Forskningspodden”,  Lise and her University of Oslo colleague professor Carl Henrik Knutsen explain why Abiy Ahmed in Ethiopia, UKs’ Boris Johnson, Libanon’s president Micel Aoun, and Narendra Modi from India are among the worst leaders of 2021 [1]. The postcast is hosted by Ida Pallin Bostadløkken and you can hear it (in Norwegian) here:


[1] Morgenbladet. 2022. Vi bør absolutt være paranoide på vegne av demokratiet