Visiting researchers at LawTransform

LawTransform has three visiting researchers: Evelyn Villarreal F., Namita Wahi and Adrian Jjuuko. They are working with ongoing LawTransform projects.

Evelyn Villarreal F., the Research Coordinator at the State of the Justice Report (Costa Rica) is a visiting researcher at LawTransform for one month. She is working with the project “Elevating water rights to human rights”.

Namita Wahi, Fellow, Centre for Policy Research, and Director, Land Rights Initiative, in New Delhi is a visiting researcher at LawTransform until October. She is working with the projects “Elevating water rights to human rights” and INTPART.

Adrian Jjuuko, Affiliate, Ugandan human rights lawyer and advocate is a visiting researcher for one month. He is working with LawTransform projects “Political Determinants of sexual and reproductive health in Africa” and “Sexual and Reproductive rights Lawfare: Global Battles”.