Kaja Eek-Larsen


Kaja Eek-Larsen was an intern at the Centre on Law and Social Transformation. She recently graduated with a master’s degree in Public Administration and Organization Theory at the University of Bergen (UoB). Her master thesis explored teachers’ discretionary decision-making in reporting concerns about childrens well-being to the Child Protective services.

Kaja has been working as a student mentor for international master students at Uob’s  Faculty of Social Science and is a member of the Pro Bono Research Group, which is conducting an evaluation of the implementation of child centric values and procedures within municipal child welfare agencies across Norway.  Kaja is also contributing to “We Believe in You”, a foundation comitted to strengthening the legal rights and providing assistance to victims of sexual violence.

Kaja holds a bachelor degree in Safety and Security Management from The Hague University of Applied Science, in the Netherlands. As an international student in The Hague, she carried out an internship at the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). This experience furthered her interest in global disarmament and international relations. Her bachelor thesis analysed the OPCW’s quest for ratification of the Chemical Weapons Convention in the Middle East, namely by the region’s remaining hold out states; Egypt and Israel.



Teachers as Street-Level Bureaucrats. An Analysis of Mandated Reporting and Professional Discretion
2016 - 2017

The Pro Bono Group