Leaving no stone unturned: The borders and orders of transnational prostitution

Synnøve Jahnsen, May-Len Skilbrei (2017)
The British Journal of Criminology

May-Len Skilbrei and affiliate Synnøve Jahnsen have written the article “Leaving no stone unturned: The borders and orders of transnational prostitution” in British Journal of Criminology.

Criminologists are increasingly turning their attention to the intersections between immigration and crime control. In this article, we describe and discuss four regulatory practices whereby Norwegian police combine criminal law and immigration law in different ways vis-à-vis migrant women involved in prostitution. These practices target sex workers with exclusionary measures, even though the sale of sex is legal. These regulatory practices illustrate how Norwegian anti-prostitution policies are combined with an anti-trafficking agenda, something which creates a policing regime dependent on extensive forms of surveillance and control over sex workers’ lives and mobility, and on partnerships and networks of governance.

Read the full article in The British Journal of Criminology here.